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GWGH is going to have to borrow from Peter to pay Paul for at least 5 years. I think there are some serious concerns with GWGH's model on all durations, especially longer-term, and that those buying shares at .50 either didn't fully understand what the company is trying to do or had money to blow.

So many questions and so much uncertainty surrounds GWGH's model and its story that I'm having a hard time finding reasons other than pure gambling for speculators to own shares of this name at the IPO.

GWGH has some of the most unrealistic assumptions priced into its existence in terms of debt renewal rates that its operations are already an ongoing concern.

GWGH has built a model around short term borrowings to reach long term monetization, it's the stuff of fantastical fantasies. (NASDAQ: GWGH), the secondary-market life insurance policy aggregator, has been a mess since its IPO in late September and I think for good reason.

The first Tesla calls "Traffic-Aware Cruise Control," which is mostly indistinguishable from other adaptive cruise control systems. The hardware is robust: forward radar, eight cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors can detect vehicles all around it.

It can see cars the driver can't, including, at times, two vehicles ahead.

It lasted about 2 minutes and occurred on a tiny autocross in a frigid parking lot in New Jersey, but if we're to split hairs, it is indeed the first time we've piloted this revolutionary EV SUV-ish vehicle from a company better known for barking exhausts and slinky sport coupes. C., on Tuesday promised to defend federal automobile efficiency standards against a rollback proposed this week by Scott Pruitt, the embattled head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Good news for Californians interested in leasing the Honda Clarity's fuel cell version: Honda has announced the cars have started arriving at select Honda dealerships today. Automakers can now start testing fully driverless cars on California's roads.

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The White House is reviewing Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt's activities after reports he paid below the market rate to live in a condo owned by a lobbyist who deals with issues overseen by the agency, the Wall Street Journal reported. Autopilot is essentially the combination of two driver assist systems.

The Genesis Essentia Concept was described as a multi-motor EV with a 0-60 time of 3 seconds and enough silicon to pass the Turing test, but that's not what made it special.

It stood out because it's downright gorgeous, a proper show car seemingly plucked from the golden age of pre-OPEC oil embargo dream machines.

See, the second type of permit it can dole out will allow automakers to test fully d You've read the review (or maybe you haven't), and you've learned how the Tesla Model 3 is a bit of an odd duck.

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As we spent a couple days with the EV, we came to learn a few of its quirks.A couple of years ago, a team from the Czech Republic set out to create the retro-looking Luka EV, an electric car with goals for long range (186 miles), an affordable price (less than €20,000), and a light weight (less than 1,650 pounds).When we first heard of the Luka back in the summer of 2015, the team had just begun testing its first prototype.In any case, shares are trading at .50 today with the company still valued at million - a figure that I'd like to think GWGH could get in a complete liquidation but frankly I can't even say that with confidence. Well, in the simplest, most convenient, most concise explanation GWGH purchases life insurance policies - almost exclusively universal life policies but also some term, in the secondary market. Well GWGH is an early monetization route for those looking to realize a portion of the actuarial value of their life insurance policy.

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