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The Data Reanalyzed The graph on the next page displays the percent difference between the 163 measured values of c and the modern value for the speed of light.

The vertical lines on some of the data points are error bars which express the range of uncertainty in the measurement which was reported by the researcher.

That is, data points with large error bars (greater uncertainty), have less impact on where the best fit straight line should be drawn than do data points with small error bars.

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Implications, however, no matter how favorable, cannot substitute for the clear empirical basis necessary to substantiate this hypothesis.The German doctorate enjoys an outstanding reputation.Germany’s research institutions, universities and companies welcome international researchers and offer excellent opportunities for doctoral students.Unfortunately, the authors of the technical report devote great effort to the discussion and analysis of the data in separate, small groups for any kind of c decay trend within the group, and report changes which can only be explained as technique refinement, as if they were unequivocally in support of c decay.

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They do, in one place, however, consider the whole body of data collectively.This hypothesis has received much acclaim in some sectors of the creationist community since its initial introduction by Barry Setterfield a few years ago.Much of the impetus behind the decay of c hypothesis stems from its implications, which are generally viewed as favorable to the young earth creationist position.When I analyzed the entire data set of 163 points using the standard, weighted, linear least squares method, the decay of c was determined to be: decay of c = 0.0000140 ± 0.0000596 km/s/year.