Sql updating a query result set are we dating or just friends hanging out

14-Oct-2017 19:37

View objects provide clients with row sets they can scroll through and update without concern for or knowledge of the underlying entity objects.Clients manipulate data by navigating through the result set, getting and setting attribute values; changes are made to the data in the underlying database when the transaction is committed.In other words, you can query a set of data exactly as you want to show it in the display.The view object defines the attributes of the view row class, which represents a row in the query result, and optionally refers to underlying entity objects.For example, you could create a view object where columns containing sensitive data (such as salaries) are not selected. A query could perform extensive calculations on table data.

Dept Emp also selects data from the Dept entity object.Primary key columns can be included in the list of updated columns as long as the values of the primary key columns are not changed.Any expression that does not contain an aggregate function.Rows that do not satisfy the search condition are not affected.

The customer’s business was growing and the concurrent workload on their server increasedsuch that the application started to see poor response time and… continue reading »

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Expression1 can specify a column or sequence CURRVAL or NEXTVAL reference when updating The following query updates the status of all the UPDATE t1 SET x1… continue reading »

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