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He took charge of getting people to safety, and eventually people came to look upon him as a leader.Over time, he and his father repaired their relationship.Jake was once a member of Jonah Prowse's group of survivalists; and, after a botched armed robbery job, in which Chris Sullivan (Jonah's son and the brother of Jake's girlfriend, Emily Sullivan) was killed, Jake fled Jericho.Five years later, Jake returned to Jericho to pay his respects to his recently deceased grandfather and to claim the money his grandfather left him.Two circular bosses, to receive the screws are located just ahead of this bearing surface, toward the mouth.

I previously went over a quick primer on Type studies but have yet to find my original pictures for my illustrated list.Planes with print on the depth-adjustment wheel are almost all 19th century planes (IIRC).Off the top of my head, I'm pretty sure that all the details listed above correct (don't have my reference materials handy at the moment), but check the web sites listed in Samson's post to be certain.No biggie I just happens to have a "few" examples to chose from in order to illustrate the features helping us dated them.

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Instead of re-building my whole Illustrated Type Study of Stanley Bench planes, for now.Any Bailey plane with a small iron (blade/cutter) depth-adjustment wheel is pre-Sweetheart, as is any with a low knob (there are some Type 11 planes with a high knob, but most have a low knob).Any Stanley/Bailey plane without frog adjusting screws is pre-1910 [Type 10 or earlier] (except for a relative handful that were made without frog adjusting screws during WW II, but most of those have a Bakelite iron depth-adjusting wheel that mark them as WW II era manufactured planes).It also had 3 patent dates on it: 2-8-76, 10-21-84, and 7-24-88 By type 8 only the last patent date remains 7-24-88 That is what we have, so it look like it is Type 8 and above rog receiver undergoes a major redesign.

Stanley Bailey Plane Sizes and Dates of Manufacture common name Size Bed Length Blade Width Period Corrugated Sole Aluminum A + Size. STEEL S + Size. smooth… continue reading »

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Many of you recommend pre WW II or pre 1930 Bailey/Stanley planes. Any Stanley/Bailey plane without. Printing off the dating-chart pages on the.… continue reading »

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Bob's illustrated Type study of Bailey bench planes. Bob's illustrated Type study of Bailey bench plane. Type dating a Stanley plane;… continue reading »

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