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20-Sep-2017 23:36

With a few tweaks, Adventure Dating could definitely be on to a winner) “Better off getting the gals together and spending your money at a bar. All the men were on the spectrum and their ‘profile-based matching’ matched all the ethnics with the ethnics”.

Nonetheless, I’m always up for a new dating experience, even one admittedly coloured (pun not intended) by this comment about racial profiling.

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My first date was with a ridiculously nervous guy who worked in…IT (HA! Unfortunately, he ran out of steam after his initial greeting, and proceeded to sit there literally sweating beads of anxiety from his forehead. ), before finishing off at a larger venue (where I think we congregated with a second group that had been running concurrently with ours, swapping the first two venues-I also loved this idea! We finished off with a final 4 dates at the last venue, resulting in 8 dates total.

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Venues: 4/5 (I loved the idea of changing venues, but it would have been good if each place had something different to offer- e.g., activities to serve as icebreakers at the first venue, and a dance floor post-event at the last stop) Overall: 3.5/5 (While I loved the concept, the tickets are steeply priced if you miss out on the early-bird release (starts at , then and closer to the event, and includes two free drinks). These were the grim words of a disgruntled past ‘City Swooner’, upon hearing I was eager to give Adventure Dating a try.

Unfortunately, asking me whether I would rather look 1000 years into the past or future then ignoring my answer due to nerves proved to actually make the date even more awkward. I honestly feel that this is a winning concept, which is ‘almost there’, but still requires a few tweaks to really become popular. I understand that the reason for this is partly because of the additional effort with venue changes and individual matching.

Ten minutes is great when matched with someone who can converse, but it’s a bit of a nightmare when your interaction goes something like this: Him: “Do you uh, go dancing? I feel Adventure Dating is based on the premise that you will go on less dates (around 8, as opposed to, say, 14), but you should be more likely to click with them, based on the matching.

The whole process took me less than 7 minutes, although as a self-described ‘tiger’, perhaps I was less efficient than, say a ‘mouse’ would have been.