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It would be hilarious if Yi Kyung became a nun in the future due to her having some sort of natural aptitude to receive dying confessions.

Kang Joo finds his mom standing in a daze in the lobby area and apologizes for not telling her about the private wedding and asks that she understand where he’s coming from.

Haven’t been this happy to see her pinchy face in, like, EVER.

The driver deposits Yi Kyung and President Ma at home and we see Yi Hyun in a car waiting to follow the driver as he takes off to handle Doo Rim’s kidnapping.

makes a decisive turn into the crescendo latter half of its run remaining firmly in control of its narrative rather than the other way around.

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After they walk away, Kang Joo lets out a sigh and then answers a call from Secretary Kim and reveals he’s still at the hospital.Jin Joo tells him to stop talking nonsense and keeps trying to call Doo Rim but her calls go straight to voicemail.Roo Mi arrives at the hospital and asks to speak with Kang Joo’s mom.Kang In calls Roo Mi to tell her that Yi Kyung is back and she asks where they are right now. Kang Joo and Yi Kyung sit by sick grandmother’s bedside and she asks to speak with Yi Kyung privately.

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Kang Joo steps away and Grandmother reaches out her hand to Yi Kyung and confesses that she wanted to see her one final time.

Roo Mi goes from annoying clingy to awesomely snarky, and for once a second female lead actually does an about-face midway through a drama and does so with flair.

Tae Yang and Rainie Yang are currently dating. Go. ® WikiAnswers ® Categories Relationships Dating Who is tae yang dating. Taeyang is not gay and.… continue reading »

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Min has been in a relationship with singer Taeyang, member of the South Korean boy band Big Bang since 2013. RinZ Min-Hyo-rin First Album. Album; Released May.… continue reading »

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Ideal Dating Situation. Taeyang said that what he wants his girlfriend to have good eating habits. Taeyang himself is a good eater.… continue reading »

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The two confirmed they were dating in May 2015. Min, 29, appeared in Taeyang’s solo music video for “1AM” in June 2014. The music video, which includes passionate kiss scenes, is based on a storyline in which both Taeyang and Min yearn for each other after a breakup.… continue reading »

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Checkout the complete Taeyang Doll Releases here. Meet Pullip's handsome boyfriend. He loves the best in music and fashion. Learn more about him here… continue reading »

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