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Sekhar ( PM): aaa Sekhar ( PM): katti lanti vadina evaraina vadilestara dengakunda Vaalu Jada ( PM): ahaa Sekhar ( PM): vadina green sari pic pettu panello Vaalu Jada ( PM): haa pettanu Sekhar ( PM): ninnu vongobetti guddalonchi pukuloki naa baaru lavada petti dengali lanja Vaalu Jada ( PM): ummmmmmmmmmmmmm Sekhar ( PM): naa chetullato nee rendu sallu pisiki pisiki..rappinchali Vaalu Jada ( PM): paalu apude ravu raa..pillalu putaka vostai Sekhar ( PM): chala sexy ga vunnav vadina Sekhar ( PM): ee cheeralo side view vundi kada adi pettu Sekhar ( PM): oh Sekhar ( PM): naa pisukuduki vostai lera....

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I think that this article needs to be moved to something more precise such as TV9 (Hyderabad) because there are other TV stations in the world with the similar name and it would be confusing to some people.MUMBAI: With the sixth anniversary celebrations of MSN India under way, MSN India has announced the launch of five new portals, MSN Hindi, MSN Tamil, MSN Telugu, MSN Kannada and MSN Malayalam apart from unveiling Windows Live Messenger in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.MSN India also unveiled the new MSN India Homepage and Windows Live Domains.--Demiurge1000 (talk) , 18 December 2011 (UTC) The controversy section currently has no copy violations - although it did a few weeks ago - it does not now. Any futher accusations should be dealt with in this talk page - and not the edit summary - as the edit summary does not have enough space, to provide evidence of copyvio assertions.

Thank you, -- , 19 December 2011 (UTC) In this Article controversies section defaming the channel and as a broadcasting news channel these kind of controversies happens naturally, but what way it is useful for Wikipedians.The MSN Language portals (MSN Hindi, MSN Tamil, MSN Telugu, MSN Kannada and MSN Malayalam) also has the latest news with a special focus on local news, Infotech, Astrology, Sports, Recipes and Humour, informs an official release.IPL 2018 fans better get ready as four of your favourite teams are coming to Snapchat.Vaalu Jada ( PM): wow evaru Sekhar ( PM): bindu Sekhar ( PM): devika Vaalu Jada ( PM): motham chesavaa Sekhar ( PM): ishtapadite ninnu dengalani vundi Sekhar ( PM): aa Vaalu Jada ( PM): valu friendss Vaalu Jada ( PM): friendsaa Sekhar ( PM): okaru neigbour bindu telusuga Vaalu Jada ( PM): telusu Sekhar ( PM): rendodi...cinemalo parichayam aina anti Vaalu Jada ( PM): ok ok Vaalu Jada ( PM): mari intlo valla meeda epatinumchi interest perigindi..