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I operate and maintain this web-log for my enjoyment, as a vehicle to learn from readers and as a tool to promote my publications with the goal of making money from the sales of these publications.

Amongst other events, yearly, we do fundraisers for the area schools which provides several different area high schools with Scholarships for their talented students. Founded in 1999 by Walter Dean, Willie Bailey, Darwin Green, and John Michael Walker. 5-Star Riderz MSCs Mission is to serve and support its members, other MC, and the community, and was built on 5 key principles Purpose, Passion, Perseverance, Prosperity, and Prayer. The Full Tilt Mission is to build a strong and positive brother and sisterhood of people in the Pacific Northwest who share a passion for motorcycle riding. It was the desire of a few family members and some friends, to start something that they all could get out and do together, while all the time having fun. We Proudly Rep our SWAGG Strenghth, Wisdom and Gods Grace.

Drug cartels have long fought over territory and critical smuggling routes. There was a period Moto Discovery ceased running tours in areas we were not comfortable traveling.