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You can view the results below: The accuracy of the sleep tracking is a different story.

While there is an option to set sleep times, the Vivosmart doesn't automatically enter sleep mode.

Other activity tracking features include a special workout mode to independently track your heart-rate, steps, calories burned, time and distance.

There are also inactivity alerts that will remind you to move after long periods of being idle and personalized daily activity goals that automatically adjust each day.

The device is offered in two different sizes: small and large.

Typically men wear the larger size, while most women wear the smaller one.

Just like the Vivofit, the Vivosmart is waterproof up to 5 ATM, meaning it can be worn while swimming and in the shower.

The device is compatible with ANT chest-based heart-rate monitors and is offered in a bundle for 0, £170 and AU0.

It's a good thing you can also set the Vivosmart to automatically wake up when you raise your hand, a feature also found on the .

Once the screen is awake, you can swipe from left to right to display your notifications and activity tracking stats.

It isn't nearly as smart as say the , an activity tracker that attempts to automatically guide your life, but it does includes some of the more basic features commonly found in smartwatches.

All of these added features push the price of the device towards the higher end of the activity tracker market.This test was performed three times to ensure accuracy.For things to remain consistent, I used the same exact treadmill each time and walked at the same exact speed (3.5 mph, to be exact, about a 17-minute pace).The band will gently vibrate on your wrist until you disable it.