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What verifying integrity of a game does is check the manifest of your game with that present at the Steam servers.

A manifest is a list of files present on your computer.

The solution: Fully exit out of your game and STEAM (Close Steam completely). Inside that is a file called "Client Registry.blob", delete it. This will perform a small download and reconnect your Steam account to a working Steam validation server and you can play immediately.

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Your game may be installed in a drive which contains bad sectors. Follow the steps below to ensure using the utility chkdsk. It checks for any errors present on your drive and tries to correct them using the resources available.

It is very useful in troubleshooting for errors that we can’t pinpoint.

Steam is one of the most popular gaming distribution platforms in the world.

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It may be the case where Steam downloaded and installed an update.

The manifest on the Steam servers contains the list of all the files which are supposed be there according to the most recent update.

If the manifests don’t match, Steam declares that there is an error and one (or more) files failed to validate and will be reacquired.

There is no specific “one” fix for this solution as the software and hardware configuration of the user may vary.

We have listed down a number of steps and techniques to ensure that your problem goes away.After that, third party game developers started distributing their game on Steam and the popularity increased until it is what it is today.Despite being updated frequently and having “bug fixes” updates all the time, Steam also comes up with many problems.One of them being when Steam prompts an error after you validate Steam files and the file doesn’t get reacquired.

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