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But there were SOOOO many people with dogs, like, maybe 1/3 of all people are walking their dogs. You can never find a place to park your car and there's like a million red lights whereever you go. Drivers are also used to seeing bikers and so they usually respect them. In the country I rarely used my breaks for anything (why would you want to waste energy) but in the city you actually have to use them ALL the time. Actually, one of my teen dreams was to make YT videos about life. I love to write about myself, I suppose everyone does, that's human nature to only think about yourself.

There's so many people in suits walking around, just so many high class people. Bikers can pretty much do whatever they want: lock their bike to a sign (perfectly okay), not wear a helmet (no one wears a helmet, my roommates tease me about wearing one...), you can run red lights (one time this cop smiled and waved as i ran a red light). I'd say biking is much faster than taking the bus or driving. It's just fun to pass the long lines of cars waiting at a light, then, just running it... I'm always surprised when people comment about some of the stuff i write about.

But the table conversations almost always drift into politics, I usually don't mind since I also love politics but i just don't know much about all the nitty gritty details of exactly what laws are trying to go through or whatever.

Marijuana today is the against the law due to an inferiority complex that elite white males had in the past against black males in competition for females.

Anyway, apparently there was a rat that was seen in one of the lower cabinets, after paying 0 to hire a "rat exterminator" they then proceeded to throw away all the cooking supplies in that cabinet since there was a bit of rat poop found in the cabinets near some of the food. The food was in boxes and plastic bags it was FINE!!!! I'm all for making sure the dishes are clean but this is ridiculous. The ironic thing is that the old wood table is soooo sticky with all the wine spillage in the past. Yet, they seem to not care, they're like "don't even bother, it's impossible to clean".