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07-Dec-2017 13:59

Bournemouth council officers turned down the planning application, citing concerns over crime and disorder, and stating that it was inappropriate for the area and would harm local businesses.

Boscombe Police Inspector Chris Weeks said officers confirmed the shop was being used as a brothel over two unannounced visits after community concerns were raised.

Steve Fuller, 61, from Park North is on the committee of the Breathe Easy Group and said he was delighted with the response to the meeting, which 31 people attended.

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The police comments state: “From the information gathered at this visit and the complaints being received from members of the public about these premises we believe that it is being used as a brothel.” The police objected to the planning application and stated they would be asking landlord Dave Wells to consider ending the tenancy.“The refusal of change of use consent here is a significant step forward.” THE council report made ahead of the planning application decision says police visited and found a basement room locked from the outside with a client and member of staff inside.It states that when spoken to by officers the man was “very keen on leaving as well as being worried that his wife should not be told he was there”.A GROUP which provides information and support for people suffering from respiratory illnesses held its first meeting this week.

The Swindon Breathe Easy group, formed in partnership with the British Lung Foundation, held the meeting at the Queen’s Drive Methodist Church on Whitbourne Avenue on Monday.

“It just goes to show how many people are affected in the town and I’m looking forward to the next meeting.” Steve is diagnosed with respiratory condition Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), – which doctors believe was due to his former 30-a-day cigarette habit – a progressive condition which causes the linings of the lungs and airways to become irreversibly inflamed.