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They're all both right and wrong at the same time, because dating has always been "hard" regardless of whatever mediums existed for making connections.Your attitude forever has been and forever will be the key — you're either willing to put up with the games of the times or you're not.We’ve decoded the list for you to let you know what the athlete View the 14 tips he provides below: J. R.: Accept the fact they are always busyi Date Daily: There’s practice, game nights, and then the after party. R.: Always be there for themi Date Daily: Athletes travel for several weeks/months at at time. His feature, "When athletes are left to their own digital-dating devices," is a fascinating read that gives a good look at how athletes' dating game has changed over the years.For those who don't have time to read the whole story, we put together some of the comments that show how athletes are finding women online these days.When dating an athlete, there are considerations which are different than when dating other people.The amount of dedication and focus it takes to be an athlete can spill over onto all other areas of his life, and affect you too.

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Let your man understand that you love and appreciate him.

It will also help you figure out what's going on when you go and watch them.3. They will always be sore, so get your fingers ready for daily massages and ice packs. Most will not want to be babied to much during their healing processes, so refrain from being overprotective. They may not smell great but love them for them and if it bothers you that much, offer to do laundry sometime; It will be much appreciated.6. Sports like Wrestling where they have to maintain and watch their weight requires a more intense diet, but small candies like Jolly Ranchers and drinks like Pedialyte for their match days will go along way for them. They would love to be able to relax and spend all day with you but they are committed to their sport as well.

Maybe working out with them or planning things to do on their off days will ease the stress on the relationship.

When dating an athlete, these are a few things to consider When dating an athlete, instead of him calling you up to ask you out for a burger or pizza, he make ask you out for a protein fix at the local chicken wing joint, or barbecue place.

Depending on how serious they are about their sport, sugar may be a no-no, so don’t make him your favorite cookies. Who knows—his diet may make you re-think yours as well.

Following this approach to my romantic relationships has led to a wonderful and fulfilling love life that is the envy of my friends.