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12-Nov-2017 20:39

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Rana Kirin (F): Natsuya Yoruhana’s second Spirit-branded retainer. After meeting Seiji through Mika, she became Seiji’s good friend and received his assistance with the matter of her ex-girlfriend. Strict yet gentle, she works hard in maintaining the drama club. Seiji saved her, and she became Seiji’s adopted sister. She’s a middle school girl that enjoys wearing cat ears, and is affectionate towards Seiji. Her special abilities include hitting people with books and forceful retorts. Kazufuru Ooike (M): Genhana High School’s student council secretary. Takashi Kobayashi (M): Seiji’s classmate, a delinquent. He believes himself to be better than others, and his target is to make Natsuya Yoruhana fall in love with him.

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Let’s be honest — besides watching funny cat videos, the Internet is also good for playing naughty games every now and then.

A free demo version of Hatoful made with the Famous Writer engine was released later that year, followed by a full commercial version released on 30 October 2011 at COMITIA 98, and an English version released in February 2012.