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If you use the default SLUS-00726 Game ID the game will boot, but it will freeze after zooming in on the castle and after the "Chapter 1" screen.

5.00m33-6: Works perfectly (no slowdown, stutter, or freezes that I have seen so far up through chapter 2), looks, and sounds the best on 3.03 when using Game ID SLPS-01156. UPDATE: Only seems to work if the EBOOT is created with Popstation GUI 300 BETA.

Get the English translation patch here (this patch is a recent ‘retranslation’ of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night), on 4.01 it works great but 5.00 crashes at the beginning when Richter gets to Dracula Vlad Tepes, tested with patched version on my 5.00m33-6 slim, EBOOT made with Simple Popstation GUI 3.00 – Debug Junky Works perfectly fine.

Numbers 5.00 M33-6: The NTSC-U version of the game doesn’t work. The Play Station logo doesn’t show up and you are not allowed to choose a Pops. I’ll soon verify whether the PAL version works or not and post an update.

EBOOT was made with Simple Popstation GUI v3.00 – Debug Junky 5.00 M33-6 Works fine using 4.01 pops – Azure Fang SLPS-00222: Freezes when man in gun shop speaks (funnily enough, straight after he says freeze! Crashes at ‘Dec 25’ right after the Christmas Party, too bad, it’s a great RPG/Dating Sim. 3.52 and below: Use Game ID SLPS-01156, SLPS-01724, or SLPS-01222.

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Later on it carried on as acronym for Play Station One. Use thepopsloader plugin to select your PSX on PSP version.

Hangs for a minute after PS logo, and when you beat arcade mode, it freezes, but the gameplay is terrific Also no BG music. By Roxas6662 5.00 works perfectly – Debug Junky According to "John":"Works flawlessly and stretches perfectly in 3.9". EBOOT needs to be made with CDDA Popstation 1.24 (don’t forget, you’ll need keys.bin). 3.90 Works perfect for me with SLPS-01156, eboot made with Simple Popstation GUI 3.6 ID was patched onto the eboot after – Debug Junky 4.01: If you use Game ID SLPS-01490 then gameplay and voices are MUCH better.

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