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If you feel like doing a bit of line-dancing or just listening to great live music, Toucan Twango is back at Club Banora.Not a class, just free informal fun, featuring amazing Country Music Duo Toucan Twango, and delicious lunch specials from Slice and Fork restaurant!We had to close quickly in order to secure the deal, bring it down to San Diego from Newport Beach where it was berthed, have it hauled out of the water for a number of weeks, then after a long planned trip to New Zealand over the Christmas/New Years holidays, I spent the next four months working 12-14 hours a day, seven days a week until she was deemed “ready for use.” With the help of a captain and a second mate, we brought her up-hill to her permanent berth here in the San Francisco Bay Area.It’s safe to say that project is finally complete and filmmaking can now continue!The incredibly fast-advancing state-of-the-art in HD cameras have really made that question moot.The new Arri Alexa and the newer RED are simply stunning pieces of equipment and certainly will make the workflow much easier if we decide to go the HD route.

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As our intent is not to be a “one-off” movie production company, we wanted to maintain control of some of the equipment we would be using on every shoot, regardless of whether it was shot on film, HD cameras or even HDSLR’s in the future.

What we have done to date: The script was sent out a few months back to a very fine screenwriter/director/producer in his own right who is based out of LA and Washington. While I haven’t seen the finished version, what I have read is remarkable.

Feb 8, 2017. While there may be thousands of women trying to snag a date with the one option they have on this app, you never know if you could be the lucky one Shed picks. Trump Singles is for when you voted for Donald Trump and want to find other people who did too. You two can "make dating great again,".… continue reading »

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Sep 6, 2017. It's fitting, then, that the show, with its own crew of upwardly mobile black people lamenting their dating woes over mimosas, also owes much of its gendered engagement to Two Can Play That Game. When it was released, the movie was particularly notable for its depictions of middle-class black people.… continue reading »

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Oct 15, 2017. So, whether you call it a “Battle of the Sexes” or “Love and War,” “TWO CAN PLAY THAT GAME” explores the rules of dating in a hilarious way and displays how men and women relate or don't relate to each other. Tickets may be purchased at the Scottrade Center Box Office, all Ticketmaster Ticket Centers.… continue reading »

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Jan 11, 2014. Getty ImagesSean Penn is 53 and hasn't dated anyone remotely close to his age since he and Robin Wright divorced in 2010. In fact, he was 24 years older than Scarlett Johansson when they had their rendezvous a while back. But apparently two can play at that game. Wright just got engaged to a guy 14.… continue reading »

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Oct 21, 2017. his friend Tony, fire back with a quickness, letting Shante know that “Two Can Play That Game”. So, whether you call it a “Battle of the Sexes” or “Love and War,” “Two Can Play That Game” explores the rules of dating in a hilarious way and displays how men and women relate or don't relate to each other.… continue reading »

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