Types of women to avoid dating

08-Aug-2017 06:18

He’s perpetually angry, acts like a tough guy and looks damn good while doing it. And these rebels without a clue top the list of types of men to avoid on the dating scene.

But the juvenile attraction to the bad boys of our youth can quickly fade when rebellion turns into recklessness. My guy of 2 years is a mix of #2 and 6 but manages to be my perfect match.

Most men, just like women, yearn to know someone who would like or love them for who they are.

But this might be a bit confusing since the wooing portion of every relationship starts off with men trying to show women how special they are.

The Smart and Assertive Type Most men would like to know women who can carry themselves through a conversation.

It require women to have that certain level of intelligence and smarts that men can find attractive. But men tend to be turned off by smart women who try to stay above the rest by being her assertive self.

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Except it’s just a fling thing or a relationship that isn’t serious, dating some kinds of women would just be a disaster. THE GOLD DIGGERI don’t think there is no worse type of woman to date than a gold digger.Gold Diggers Not much to explain here other than what the term implies.Men generally do not like women who like them other than their charms and charisma.But there is a type of smart woman that men may tend not to be in company with. When both meet, it would usually seem to be a power struggle other than just having normal conversation.