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He’d based dozens of projects on the vinyl records alone: scarring them with images, using a phonograph stylus like a lathe; melting them into cubes; piling them into menacing black columns.

He even strapped a revolving turntable to his chest, as if it were a guitar, and videotaped himself whaling on a Jimi Hendrix LP.

“Musical Chairs,” from 1999.) Adding the dimension of time infused Marclay’s wit with drama. ”) “Telephones,” as it was called, was quietly revolutionary: one of the first video mashups, it was created a decade before the genre became ubiquitous on You Tube.

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His putty-colored face has been left to its own devices by an indifferent buzz cut.

There was a reason for this: Marclay’s physical collages were dependably clever, but their impact often faded once you got the joke.

(Rows of seating reupholstered with piano-score prints and images of instruments?

In his view, the best collages combined the “memory aspect”—recognition of the source material—with the pleasurable violence of transformation.

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If Marclay could turn the sky green for one day, he’d do it.A reel-to-reel tape player, perched high on a ladder, plays water sounds, but the takeup reel is missing, so the tape cascades to the ground. (Apple later asked to use the video for an ad launching the i Phone; when Marclay declined, the company aired a rip-off.)He repeated his experiment with “Crossfire” (2007), an earsplitting installation featuring closeups of guns firing, especially the staring-into-the-cylinder shot favored by action directors.The sculpture was recently shown again at Paula Cooper Gallery, in Chelsea; as the weeks passed, the tape pile rose balefully, like sand in an hourglass, and the burbling contraption became a relentless memento mori. Marclay edited the clips into a loop of unnerving rhythms—pulsing techno-like beats, solitary booms—and screened four synchronized montages on the walls of a dark room.Marclay, who is now fifty-seven, went to London so that he could be with Lydia Yee, his partner, who had just become a curator at the Barbican Art Gallery. He settled on a grim nook, accommodating a five-foot-long desk, in shared office space on the fourth floor of a narrow town house in Clerkenwell.

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