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When discussing underground dinner parties and pop-up dinners, it is important to make the following distinction: underground dinners are not pop-ups.What distinguishes them further is that underground dinner parties often go beyond the scope of pop-ups, and even open-to-the-public restaurants.Many of these events are at private residences, which are not always bound to the same constraints of brick-and-mortar businesses, aside from the health department.Here is Eater’s guide of underground dinners in Los Angeles.And best of all, it’s just down the street from Bestia, so fans won’t have to travel far. Alameda St., Downtown Major Players: Cedd Moses/Eric Needleman, David Lentz, Eric Alperin The 213 Hospitality team is known for some of Downtown’s most dynamic nightlife spaces, but now they’re moving even more firmly into the bright, all-day restaurant space with an unnamed brewpub landing at Union Station.The gorgeous Art Deco and Streamline Moderne property should make for a stunning backdrop for the project, which includes heavy hitters like The Hungry Cat’s David Lentz, and cocktail maestro Eric Alperin. 7th St., Arts District Major Player: Wes Avila From cart to truck to cookbook to brick and mortar, it seems that Wes Avila can do it all.There’s the downstairs dry-aging room, the hand-forged knives, and the upscale ambiance that’s sure to turn heads.

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He was confident enough to serve food to strangers, and recruited help, including a sommelier to provide a 15-course meal at his home for 0. Self-taught chef and chemist Chef Chris Yang created Popcultivate in 2016, with dining events that changes locations throughout the city.This former Cutthroat Kitchen contestant has some high-profile experience with The Flats and Wood & Vine, and offers tastings for in both the Arts District and Venice.2018 is already shaping up to be another incredible year for Los Angeles’s restaurant scene.In the early days, Quenioux produced food events all over LA, including at arestaurants like Starry Kitchen, Taix, Vertical Wine Bistro, and Sangers & Joe.

Sep 30, 2017. So you watched a few episodes of Entourage, and decided moving to Los Angeles to bang some Laker girls was the right move. Truth is, you should have. I've traveled 48 states of the US over my trucking career and I can tell you the dating scene is wrecked everywhere. It's all a poorly directed stage.… continue reading »

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