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09-Feb-2017 04:01

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It was only reading Asus EZ Flash 2 section of the manual that I noticed the comment about fat16\fat32.Using a Windows bios tool does not really give you the option to rename the bios file and you guys are not saying what to name it anyway.On the other hand, If i hit F1, I am sent to a screen that telling me "to finish BIOS update you have to select the same BIOS file (file) again to continue updating the BIOS."; sounds good enough but If I hit OK and choose via Storage devices option EZ doesn't see the flash. Thanks, I have to be honest and say I can't remember and I don't have the PC to hand to go through the process (I never made any notes either).I have just built a new PC with a Asus H97M Plus motherboard.I have installed Win 8.1 to an SSD drive and completed all the Windows Updates when I decided to do a bios and motherboard driver update.The current state of Bios updating\upgrading is no better than the Microsoft updates of the early 90's.Motherboard manufacturers don't help the issue with bad grammatical errors, misleading and missing information in manuals.

A bad bios flash (update) can what they call “brick” the motherboard, also known as no post, no power or dead motherboard.

Unplugged from the mains, removed cmos battery, left like that for 5 minutes, replaced the cmos battery plugged in switched on , now comes up to first screen of Bios and tells me Please enter setup to recover the bios Press F1 to enter bios When I press F1 I go straight back into the Bios update loop again But.........................

After a little closer scrutiny of the user manual I noticed a sentence that said the bios will only read fat16 or fat32 formatted file systems.

Many manufacturers have perfected updating via Windows by now, but you should only update the BIOS in the future if you're having issues.

To be perfectly honest I don't see updating\upgrading the bios as any different than updating your operating system.

Anyway thanks to all those that took the time to offer advice The difference between a Windows update and a Bios update is vast.

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