Updating bios asus ez flash dating the age of dinosaurs

09-Feb-2017 04:01

We frequently update our OS without even knowing what the upgrade is for (enhancement, bug fix, security issue).

Yes if a bios update goes pear shaped then you have major issues but it is only a little more serious than an upgrade to your OS screwing up the install and not being able to start the OS.

Well where the bios was saved on the hard disk and ntfs format, so I downloaded another copy of the bios and unzipped it to a usb stick.

plugged the usb stick into the pc, rebooted and went through the bios update loop again accept this time when it came to the section to choose where the bios file was the usb stick was highlighted along with the bios file, told it to use that file and the bios updated. I am somewhat stunned that even reading the manual on the EZ Update section (which is the windows bios based update system I used) it makes no mention of the fact that you will need to provide the bios update file on a fat16\fat32 file system upon reboot.

On the other hand, If i hit F1, I am sent to a screen that telling me "to finish BIOS update you have to select the same BIOS file (file) again to continue updating the BIOS.

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I just had an Msi board (Z97 Pc Mate)with an i5 cpu new build driving me nuts for weeks because it booted so fast with Windows 7 that the internet connection came way before Windows was ready to accept it requiring me to reboot really often to be in synch with internet readiness and sure enough I found a bios flash that addressed the issue.

I know we have been telling people for years not to upgrade bios in Windows but honestly, most motherboard mfgrs today provide excellent tools to do so and I have been doing it that way for years with no incidents and it is so much easier.

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