Updating color books in illustrator

29-Jan-2018 03:58

I’ve downloaded Pantone Color Manager, registered and “activated” the software.I see how to select various Pantone libraries by the “Fan Deck” option and how to “save as” that particular library.However, users commonly repurpose swatches in other Illustrator documents.Instead of recreating frequently used swatches in every document, you can choose Save Swatch Library as AI from the Swatches panel menu.1 Hold down on the Direct Selection tool () and select the Group Selection tool.

And to complicate matters more, Pantone Color Manager has selectable options for different color spaces when exporting each library.

Only then will your applications use the updated libraries.

Since Pantone has started changing color values and adding new swatch books to expand their products (and add additional revenue streams), I’m finding that it’s rather difficult to update our libraries in Adobe Creative Suite applications.

The Swatches panel allows you to store colors for multiple uses in your document.6 Type 50 into the M (Magenta) textbox, and press OK.

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I have a problem: the recently released 336 pantone colors are not included in the latest CS6 In Design pantone color libraries.I am however, presented with many options when exporting each library and I’m not sure which to pick.If I look into each of the Adobe Application folders and drill down to the swatch library location, each Adobe application has a different file type or additional libraries that resides in its folder.I actually know the answer to this as a Pantone representative responded to me on this topic, but I’ll keep this posting nice.

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