Updating computer clock via internet senior dating near 85375

13-Feb-2017 09:16

All of the servers on the list are US-based, so if you’re constantly having problems then it’s worth using one closer to where you live. If your country has a low number of servers then choose somewhere else nearby that has more.

Copy the server URL, switch back to your system’s time settings, paste into the Server text box, and Update now to check it works. If you’re having trouble with the in-built Windows solution, or the time server isn’t updating often enough, you can use third-party software to handle the time correction.

The precise format of it will depend on your customization settings, but clicking the time will then open a modal that shows you the date and calendar too.

Right click the time in the tray of your Taskbar and click Adjust date/time.

If you’re receiving an error that Windows couldn’t synchronize with the time server, you can select a different one from the list by using the Server dropdown. You’ll see the name of a country, the server URL, followed by the number of servers within.

Your PC clock will now be synchronized with the latest time from one of the Internet’s reliable time servers.