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ext2 and ext3 Very likely your Linux partitions are Ext3.

Ext2 used to be the standard file system for Linux, but these days, Ext3 and Reiser FS are usually the default file systems for almost every new Linux distro.

Most distros create them under if you're not satisfied with the defaults your distro has given you.

Just make sure the mount point is a directory that already exists on your system. Some partitions and devices are also automatically mounted when your Linux system boots up. This is done automatically when your Linux system boots up...

if it wouldn't, you'd have a hard time using your cool Linux system because all the programs you use are in / and you wouldn't be able to run them if / wasn't mounted!

For more information, check out the man page of might be useful for a partition that contains binaries you don't want to execute on your system, or that can't even be executed on your system. , you'll notice that this is the option used with the floppy.

In plain English, this means that when you, for example, copy a file to the floppy, the changes are physically written to the floppy at the issuing the command.

Note especially the rw and user options: they must be there if you want to be able to mount and write to the floppy as a normal user.

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