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21-Jan-2017 20:19

The fourth line indicates POST parameters that are sent in the HTTP request.In this case, the form variable Month is sent to the Web server. The first string is the title of the parameter's dialog box.To ensure that a cell uses a precision of 2, your tag would look like the following: For more detailed information on these HTML extensions, please consult the Connectivity Kit.Once the data is resting safely in Excel, there are an infinite amount of possibilities for further data manipulation.By Bill Jeffries Too often, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are updated through the laborious and tedious process of manually importing data from an external data source--or, worse yet, by cutting and pasting.

This style attribute takes the form of vnd.ms-excel.numberformat:xxx.

Excel's Web query technology adds some custom table data cell (TD) attributes that can enhance the spreadsheet. Placing Filter inside a You would now be able to filter down the results by using drop downs.

For instance, you could drop down the Sales Person filter and view the results for a specific sales person.

This object can be linked to button events and so forth to extend the power of Web queries.

Another powerful feature of Web queries is their ability to automatically refresh when a workbook is opened.

By combining this feature with ASP, developers can create extremely powerful intranet and Internet Excel solutions.

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