Updating excel from vb

21-Jan-2017 20:19

Let's first examine the contents of a sample iqy: Line 1 and 2 are optional lines because WEB and 1 are the only options, respectively.

The third line is the name of the Web page that is requested by Excel.

Web queries are geared toward HTML tables, for obvious reasons.The filtering is all client side (inside Excel) and the results are instantaneous.Excel simply hides the rows that don't meet the filter criteria.However, pay special attention to the number format.

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By default, Excel imports all data into the General format.

Excel even adds some HTML table attributes that add to the interaction between Excel and the HTML table. Monthly would be saved under Program Files\Microsoft Office\Queries so that Excel can find it. This page assumes that there is a server-side COM object, Acme.

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