Updating firefox linux

08-May-2017 17:12

updating firefox linux-15

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Software package management (adding/removing repository, installing/removing software etc.) requires root privilege.The user account which you create during the installation has necessary privilege.During this operation, Ubuntu perform several essential tasks such as; checking all configured repositories whether they are accessible or not, downloading and importing required public keys, comparing locally installed packages with remotely available packages to prepare a list of available updates, etc.Actually this command prepares system for package management related operations.

Before we learn how to update the Firefox in Ubuntu, let me answer a common question which I frequently receive from users while I suggest them to update the Firefox.Second command updates Firefox with the latest available version Version information will not update, until we clean the package cache. Once package cache is cleaned, check Firefox version again to verify the updating.With regular and stable version, Firefox also releases developer version.Default repositories are configured to pull the latest and stable version of Firefox in Ubuntu.

There are two ways to update Firefox from default repositories: -For demonstration purpose, I will use both methods to update the Firefox.

Since this option updates all extensions and system packages collectively, it may consume a lot of data and time.