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As far as the first part goes, I don’t know how you’d accomplish that when importing from a csv.If you have the name or url of the image, that is fine, use this function to reverse query the url to get the attachment id.When inserting new fields you need to use the field key.This is explained in the documentation for update_field(). Your best bet might be to ask in the support forum of that plugin. since it has a field-key i thought it would automatically exist, but without content. however, i also experimented with an already created post and tried to do the same thing: update the image-field with an image from the wordpress media library, without success since i don’t understand the update_field function parameter $value.if i need the image id this might further complicate things, since i don’t have the ids but the name or the url of the image files.but i will try to expreimentate with the ids to, that might be a good hint.hello, i have the following problem: i created an image-field with acf for my custom post type in which i want to store several hundred images. best regards philipp More or less, you’re having a problem using update_field because the field does not exist yet.

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The modification date on the seems right, and System Image Utility goes about it's business as if it's actually updating the disk image, but nothing actually changes.

foreach loop on the images in the initial array with the correct SKUID 7.

JConnect has a TextPointer class with sendData methods for updating an image column in an Adaptive Server or SQL Anywhere database.… continue reading »

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