Updating image

22-Jul-2017 21:58

– my client has a csv table with all the different models every single model is one instance of this custom post type.

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the documentation for the update_field() function is unfortunately very incomplete, how do i have to use this function in order to update the image field? I have a working netboot image, created initially from a working boot drive. However, when I change the source drive, and try to sync (update) with System Image Utility the changes aren't reflected in the updated image.The modification date on the seems right, and System Image Utility goes about it's business as if it's actually updating the disk image, but nothing actually changes.i figured out that i probably have to pass some kind of array to that function (like the one you get with get_field_object).

Jonweb created the topic Updating image info without creating a new imag. Hi, I have many product/category images attached to their respective categories an products.… continue reading »

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