Updating kernel with yum

08-Jun-2017 17:28

yum info kernel-ml Name : kernel-ml Arch : x86_64 Version : 4.11.1 Release : 1.el6.elrepo Size : 184 M Repo : installed From repo : elrepo-kernel Summary : The Linux kernel.(The core of any Linux-based operating system.) URL : https:// License : GPLv2 Description : This package provides the Linux kernel (vmlinuz), the core of any : Linux-based operating system.If you're going to be automating these updates, have a look at some existing scripts to help you going: kexec-reboot, Arch Wiki on kexec.

updating kernel with yum-38

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Here's a side-by-side run of the same kernel update. Notice how the left VM never goes into the BIOS or POST checks. Alerting via Slack, Hip Chat, Pushover, Webhooks or SMS. It allows you to keep your entire system up and running without interrupting services.

If you don’t like the command–line way, you could easily upgrade your Linux Kernel in Ubuntu and its derivatives using Ubuntu Kernel Upgrade Utility.