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02-Nov-2017 21:23

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Hopefully they will process this faster than they mad the update available. I inputted the discount number and it took off the until I hit order continuation. They can't take my patience, they already took that a long time ago. I put in a trouble ticket on their system and got a reply.... I'm wondering why Garmin customers are always so pissy about having to pay per update when other companies -MAGELLAN are chargin more. do people think that the survey companies do not need to be paid? You can not modify the serial number, it is detected by the software. I just got my 800 update and the code did not work either. I tried to install the maps, but the software will not accept my authorization code.

I thought I saw Dec 31, 2007 for the coupon expiry date.... Well instead of it showing what the total was it showed I ordered it and it removed the discount. I have tried to cancel since then by phone with their overseas(india) csrs. The only thing they ever say is we can't get a hold of a supervisor now you call back two hours and it handled then, goodbye. I am going to wait till the end of the week and if I don't have a reply I am putting a hold on my credit card for that charge and filing with the BBB. Map Update .99 Subtotal .99 Shipping .00 Tax $ 5.10 Total .09 I am glad I did not fork over the extra for faster shipping. If it takes too long, I too will have my card cancel the request and file a dispute with the BBB. The website still shows the order as "Pending" The rep told me it had been shipped and gave me the tracking number. they have escalated my problem and will be calling me back..... Actually my Magellan update was .00 ( with shipping and taxes) I don't mind paying BUT I would like it to work. I could not get Magellan customer service to understand this and they keep telling me I provided the wrong serial number. I just got off the phone with support and they said that a rep will call me later today with a new authorization code. Same reason is my serial number starts with a “0″ and is 13 digits long, which is what I provided to Magellan when I ordered the software.

Magellan website now says Roadmate 760 update will be available in September, and come September, who knows, it may be pushed back even later. Let's cross our fingers and maybe this will be the REAL date..... promised me that the map update would be available the last day of Sept. I think I will just sell my 3000 on E-bay and buy a garmin.

I like my 760 too, but I honestly think it makes more sense to pay for a new one, unless you intend to pay over 0, which I do not. Their Website accuracy mirrors their non-existent technical support. They seem to have better support and customer satisfaction, and I read that they update their maps on a regular basis. What a joke, they get you for your money, then leave you hanging. What a joke, they get you for your money, then leave you hanging.

Documentation is awful, but finding my way around it. Routing alog a little clunky, but again finding my way around it.

POI inluded just OK but don't know how you would get everything in anyways.

They keep saying an update is coming on their site but they keep moving the date, at least 3 or 4 times now.

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Here is what I received today as answer from Magellan Dear XXX, Your Email case 774630 has been Updated. This email is in response to your query about the Road Mate 800.

I emailed Nelson Chan the CEO and The rep for their office and the head of customer servive refellini or something. The computer did state they at least opened my e-mail. At this point I want my money back from this unit so I can go buy a Garmin. For some STRANGE reason, I kind of suspect that BBB may have already heard about them. The update is now on a truck here in town "Out for Delivery". I tried to run the update, but it rejected my authorization code. I pointed out that the Magellan has a 13 digit serial number in the back (Starts with 0) and it shows this "0" in the info screen, but the update software seems to strip this "0" and makes it a 12 digit number. Could someone tell me if escalated means "threw out"? To date, I am out the money and they still have not even tried to contact me to fix the problem (System will not accept my activation code) I also question the Age of the update (Q3-2006 sure sounds old for a current update). What part of "IT DOES NOT WORK" do they not understand. It seems we must have been one of the first to have the issue with the leading "0" being left off when the software detected the unit's serial number. The problem is the map software automatically detects the serial number, but it drops the leading “0″ and makes it a 12 digit serial number instead of 13.

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