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Advanced Search Modal Dialog Optionally shows Advanced Search page in modal dialog.Enhanced Quick Search New "Auto" mode supporting "OR" operator and double quoted phrase for "Exact Match". (for registered users only) Add/Copy/Edit/Delete/View links for detail records in the preview page.NET pages that use this master page will have their content remerged with the new master page content the next time they are requested.In short, the master page model allows for a single page layout template to be defined (the master page) whose changes are immediately reflected across the entire site. NET page stubs to the site that will eventually hold the various reporting demos.Introduction Step 1: Creating the Master Page Step 2: Adding a Homepage to the Web Site Step 2: Creating a Site Map Step 3: Displaying a Menu Based on the Site Map Step 4: Adding Breadcrumb Navigation Step 5: Adding the Default Page for Each Section Summary One common characteristic of user-friendly websites is that they have a consistent, site-wide page layout and navigation scheme. NET 2.0 introduces two new features that greatly simplify implementing both a site-wide page layout and navigation scheme: master pages and site navigation. The site navigation system provides both a mechanism for page developers to define a site map and an API for that site map to be programmatically queried.Master pages allow for developers to create a site-wide template with designated editable regions. The new navigation Web controls – the Menu, Tree View, and Site Map Path – make it easy to render all or part of the site map in a common navigation user interface element.Finally, this whole process needs to be maintained and updated as new pages are added to the site and existing ones removed. NET 2.0, developers were on their own for creating the site's navigational structure, maintaining it, and translating it into navigable user interface elements. NET 2.0, however, developers can utilize the very flexible built in site navigation system. NET 2.0 site navigation system provides a means for a developer to define a site map and to then access this information through a programmatic API. NET ships with a site map provider that expects site map data to be stored in an XML file formatted in a particular way.

Images for the fields allowing multiple upload will be displayed as groups.

In my master page I use cascading style sheets for positioning and styles with the CSS settings defined in the external file A master page defines both the static page layout and the regions that can be edited by the ASP. These content editable regions are indicated by the Content Place Holder control, which can be seen within the content ), but master page's may have multiple Content Place Holders. Add a New Web Form, Checking the "Select master page" Checkbox After clicking the OK button, we're asked to choose what master page this new ASP. While you can have multiple master pages in your project, we have only one. NET pages will contain the following markup: This site is being built as part of a set of tutorials that illustrate some of the new data access and databinding features in ASP. Over time, it will include a host of samples that demonstrate: ) are automatically updated so that they work in any ASP. NET's content, and renders the merged content into the final HTML that is sent down to the requesting browser.

With the markup entered above, switching to the Design view shows the master page's layout. NET pages that use this master page will have this uniform layout, with the ability to specify the markup for the . When the master page's content is updated, all ASP.

It is loaded with a bunch of new features, including many frequently requested ones.

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PHPMaker is probably the most powerful and flexible product of its kind, and yet still easy-to-use as always.

Jeff Prosise's article, The SQL Site Map Provider You've Been Waiting For shows how to create a site map provider that stores the site map in a SQL Server database; another option is to create a site map provider based on the file system structure. Add a Site Map to Your Project The site map file is an XML file.