Updating object with multiple threads without synchronization java quest dating service phone number

28-Jun-2017 23:41

updating object with multiple threads without synchronization java-53

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I also think that you need to have only one lock, you are creating new once every time some acces the threads functions.

updating object with multiple threads without synchronization java-62

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I declared a member variable "CCritical Section" in the class containing the control and do the steps bellow.

Should the handles be the same for named mutex objects residing in applications running for different users on the same machine?

is a process of controlling the access of shared resources by the multiple threads in such a manner that only one thread can access a particular resource at a time.

Generally critical sections of the code are usually marked with synchronized keyword.

of using Thread Synchronization is in “The Producer/Consumer Model”."If the Thread enters the semaphore, the count is incremented.If the thread completed the work and is removed from the thread queue, the count is decremented." This is not exactly what happens.suppose i have 2 totally different classes in different source files, one writes to g_C, the other reads from g_C, how will that look syntaxically? I have used Critical Section in my VC 6.0 Console application.