Updating oracle table from a join

10-Jul-2017 04:18

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In the string "World Wide Web" there is 14 characters.Let's replace each space with 2-character string and calculate the length of the string before the replacement and after that: We wanted to add 2 characters but are obtaining 88 instead of 16.Yii DAO should be used for those complex scenarios.Tip: Because Active Record relies on the metadata about tables to determine the column information, it takes time to read the metadata and analyze it.The following example shows the minimal code needed for the AR class representing the Tip: Because AR classes are often referenced in many places, we can import the whole directory containing the AR class, instead of including them one by one.For example, if all our AR class files are under By default, the name of the AR class is the same as the database table name.Info: In this guide, we use lower case for all table names and column names.This is because different DBMS handle case-sensitivity differently.

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Otherwise, dynamically changing the static variable CActive Record::db is a better idea.Override the table Name() method if they are different.The model() method is declared as such for every AR class (to be explained shortly).To access a database table, we first need to define an AR class by extending CActive Record.

Each AR class represents a single database table, and an AR instance represents a row in that table.Note that if you are using My SQL database, you should replace Note: AR is not meant to solve all database-related tasks.It is best used for modeling database tables in PHP constructs and performing queries that do not involve complex SQLs.We will show how to use AR to deal with database relationships in the next section.