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Exit Everything (maybe even the service too, if you're running that). Tibor Kovacs, Hungary; LO4.4.7, LO5.4.6 on Win7x64Prof.

They’ve asked me to send them a copy of my info file or serial number from my device which I will be doing so today. This also applies to new installations using RMC70/150 firmware 3.41.0 or newer with Rockwell Automation Ethernet modules with older firmware, as described below.The RMC70/150 firmware release 3.41.0 introduced a number of enhancements to the Ether Net/IP protocol, including support for the Quality-of-Service (Qo S) object in Ether Net/IP.However, unfortunately it has been found that some devices incorrectly handle the default Qo S object behavior of marking I/O data with non-zero DSCP values.

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In particular, a number of Rockwell Automation Ethernet modules with older firmware discard I/O packets that have been marked in this way, causing the Ether Net/IP I/O connection to time out with error code 16#0203 shortly after it is established.

This is the first time for me to do this so I am concerned i don't wipe out my data. Power it down and repeat the process for the other side. Not sure about the SD card size requirements but somewhere between 1G and 4G should work. The data is used on both sides (PFD inset) and for redundancy.