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26-Aug-2017 01:40

Learn more about My BB's features → The community makes My BB what it is; without the community, My BB would be nothing.My BB's community forums offer official support, user tutorials, collections of community-created themes, plugins, and modifications, and discussion about almost anything.This is the first time for me to do this so I am concerned i don't wipe out my data. Power it down and repeat the process for the other side. Not sure about the SD card size requirements but somewhere between 1G and 4G should work. The data is used on both sides (PFD inset) and for redundancy.Last one was done by the Avionic shop during my ADS-B upgrade. The system will check and give an error if the versions don't match.Exit Everything (maybe even the service too, if you're running that). Tibor Kovacs, Hungary; LO4.4.7, LO5.4.6 on Win7x64Prof.One of the data files (NAV) has been updated by Garmin on my monthly subscription.

Is there a way to reset the system or fix this issue?Check out the My BB Community Forums → My BB is a free and open source, community-based forum software project run by volunteers.And while My BB is free for you, running the project is not.With everything from forums to threads, posts to private messages, search to profiles, and reputation to warnings, My BB features everything you need to run an efficient and captivating community.

Apr 11, 2017. After installing today's Windows 10 new OS update SmartNav became uncontrollable. The cursor is real sluggish and freezes and jumps all over the screen, Uninstalling the software and drivers and reinstalling them does NOT fix the issues, was forced to roll back the version of Windows. thamole Posts 2.… continue reading »

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How to upgrade dso138 without firmware. Post by dima2805 Sat Nov 07, 2015 am. https// it`s realy work. dima2805 Posts 12 Joined Mon May 18, 2015 pm. Top.… continue reading »

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Feb 1, 2018. We've released a large content update for Golem Gates! The first part of the single player campaign as well as other missions and content is now available. See here for the full list of changes. 1087835837. Top.… continue reading »

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