Updating repository catalogue no valid repository found

09-Apr-2017 18:01

And if you have that, you have to find a way to tell the Business Object what part of the tree you now want do include. I wish you the best, cause still iam using this code in every project ^^ Thx again. But later when there is the call to Collect Relational Members I get an expression error because it goes in this condition if (exp. Lambda) and if I check Body it is ((Lambda Expression)exp). NET) and also the there is a fix in the Get Entity Set Name.Wanted to say that i found a solution to add Includes if you have a IQueryable(of T) You just have to cast it to Object Query(of T) The wonderfull thing about taht is that now i can call my busineessobjects that return IQueryable and if i need it, i can still add more includes later. Body = and members is empty This is the full exception System. There is still a problem that I have found but I think it is not so easy to solve.After I have done the recent Sobi Pro update this morning, no longer reachable. Advertising, commercial questions and sharing of software of any kind is not allowed.I can´t acces, if anything is wrong with the server environment, as I can´t access the Sobi Pro area in my backend. If you need professional support, feel free to join the club and use the ticket system for subscribers.Doing Something Dating profile: A creative crowd with hipsterish leanings.because Include() now takes a string rather than an expression. However his project has bugs in the expression trees im unable to solve. I might send him a note Btw, I'm finally doing again some investigation on Entity Framework now using EF5 Code First, so I might come soon with a new version, although I heard porting my existing code seems not to be very hard, but it should be done for you.

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The detached copy and the persisted object just have the same properties value.Perhaps there should be a delegate to inject into the implementation? Attach Object Graph[T](Object Context context, T entity, Expression`1[] paths) in C:\projects\GEC\Code Project. Create(Object object To Create) in C:\projects\GEC\GEC\Models\Domanda Repository.vb:line 12 Inner Exception: Could you help me ?I'd be happy to contribute to the codeplex project if it's open. -ben In my opinion this is the greatest method in EF! Attach Object Graphs[T](Object Context context, IEnumerable`1 entities, Expression`1[] paths) in C:\projects\GEC\Code Project. Data\Entity\Object Context Extension.cs:line 29 at GEC. Hello Giado, I did indeed notice a difference in how the VB.Last month I was faced with the realization that EF4 can't re-attach entities. Microsoft really should find a way to pull it into EF5 - it fills a major use-case hole in the design of EF.

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