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21-Jun-2017 22:07

My guesstimate is that about 85%-90% of the spam that gets through policyd-weight makes it through the filters and it's been getting a lot worse recently as spammers are getting better at working their way through filters.Can someone recommend additional sources of filters to make Spam Assassin more effective?If this option is disabled, the Spam Assassin daemon will always use the same log file. Older log files are named in the form "Spam D.bak0.log", "Spam D.bak1.log", etc.

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I'm currently using Spam Assassin on a couple of mail servers that I look after.

Spam Assassin runs in the context of amavisd-new on those servers and with the usual bunch of plugins (Fuzzy OCR, DCC, pyzor, razor).

Default: False (disabled) Specifies the maximum file size in MB for the log file ("Service.log") of the Spam Assassin service.

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After the maximum file size is reached, a new log file is created.

Currently the servers are getting their rule updates from the default Spam Assassin update channel (updates.spamassassin.org).

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