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The following sections answer some common issues that you might encounter when you implement LINQ. For more information, see Learning by Walkthroughs. I made a change to data in the database, but when I reran my application, the change was no longer there. Make sure that you call Submit Changes to save results to the database. In common scenarios where each object is processed only one time, the streaming model is superior in both Q.

Additional issues are addressed in Troubleshooting. Can I update table data without first querying the database? Although LINQ to SQL does not have set-based update commands, you can use either of the following techniques to update without first querying: Q.

Finally we extract data held in Gui controls exposed to the user.

updating using linq-20

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This is done on the GUI thread so no need to do checking of the dispatch.

Note also that LINQ to SQL requires the Named Pipes protocol to be enabled. If you expect to take time to process all the results and are not opposed to caching the results, apply To List to the query. LINQ to SQL provides several tools for inspecting the SQL code it generates.

Make sure your connection string is correct and that your SQL Server instance is running. A connection typically remains open until you consume the query results.

To Follow up with the Client construction, which utilizes this Service. Disclaimer: All coding and suggestions made in the above discussion is strictly in point of view of the author.

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your computer must be restarted before updating can continue

this article shows how to do GUI processing and background work in WPF using C# with an eye on progress and the ability to cancel. You can create a view in a database and map the entity to the view. Each Data Context maintains state (including an identity cache) for one particular edit/query session. For more information, see SQL Server Connection Pooling (ADO. However, a second Data Context on the same database does not reflect the updated values. LINQ to SQL continues to return the same instances/values that you saw in the first instance. I used one instance of Data Context to store values in the database.Here is the code to do that in our Window class: With the goal of providing a cancel and progress status bar as such: Here is the code to add to our Xaml where it lives at the bottom of our screen.

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