Updating video drivers nvidia

10-Oct-2017 14:39

For these features to work properly, the computer's Open GL drivers must both be current and meet specifications.For Mac OS X, this is generally not an issue, as the drivers are updated automatically.

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I could still see my mouse pointer when I moved it but that's it... I really don't care about the new nvidia driver 340.52... The other side says since it's an NVIDIA driver, I don't need to do anything than install the 970 driver.Which is true, and if I have to uninstall the 660 driver, how do I uninstall it?Nvidia's researches, develops and manufactures GPU's, wireless communication processors and core logic chipsets for PC motherboards.

Nvidia GPU's are used by nearly every 3Nvidia GPUs are a component of a larger device that supplies the functionality for computer displays.These devices are commonly known as video cards or graphics cards.An Nvidia video card is equipped with one or more Nvidia GPUs. three weks ago I bought some parts to build a new PC.