Updating xml nodes c Arab sex date

01-Dec-2017 09:06

We need to remove the description for the time being.Only employee #2 is working on this project, so we can run the following to remove the value: The salary amount has been updated.Attempting to run the query without the singleton will result in an error: We see that the node was placed after the only other existing node residing on the same level (the Marketing node) by default.Instead, we want the Accounting node to be the first node under the Salaries node.We introduced all three operational keyword sets: insert, replace value of, and delete; and used them to perform some of the more common XML modification operations.We also pointed out some limitations and appropriate workarounds.Node values can be deleted by employing the text() function to specify that a value, not a node, is to be removed.The project description for project #1 has become outdated.

You may notice that we designated a singleton (single node value) representation of [1]' for Expression 2 (the Salaries destination node).We can also insert any collection of nested nodes and values.If we want to designate a new project for employee ID #2, we can do the following: The newest employee now needs salary data.We incorporated the SQL variable '@i' (inside of a sql:variable() extension function), which was used to iterate the Employee nodes.

Notice that the salary amount for employee # 4 was not updated, since that employee is in the Accounting department.

What is the most efficient way to modify XML values?