Updating xml nodes c itemupdating not firing

01-Dec-2017 09:06

An alternative to the above operation would be to select the XML value into a new XML variable, make the change, and then select the variable value: , on the same XML value.

In other words, only one instance of modify() may be used at the same time on the XML value.

It provides a set of operations that walk this tree and apply predicates and node-test functions.

Applying an XPath expression to an XML document results in a set of nodes.

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To allow for precise modification of XML nodes and values, the XQuery XML query language employs an extension known as the XML Data Modification Language (DML).

Attempting to run the query without the singleton will result in an error: We see that the node was placed after the only other existing node residing on the same level (the Marketing node) by default.

Instead, we want the Accounting node to be the first node under the Salaries node.

We incorporated the SQL variable '@i' (inside of a sql:variable() extension function), which was used to iterate the Employee nodes.

Notice that the salary amount for employee # 4 was not updated, since that employee is in the Accounting department.What if we needed to insert a new node into a specific Employee node in the Marketing department?We can identify the correct employee by their ID attribute, using the @ID' argument: The Projects node has been inserted into the Employee node having ID #2.For example, an operation that tries to update the salary amount of two different employees in the following manner will fail: UPDATE HR_XML SET Salaries.modify('replace value of (/Salaries/Marketing/Employee[@ID=("2")]/Salary/text())[1] with ("60000")'), Salaries.modify('replace value of (/Salaries/Marketing/Employee[@ID=("1")]/Salary/text())[1] with ("60000")') GO Instead, multiple updates to the same XML value must be accomplished using entirely separate UPDATE statements. We need to update the salary amount to match that of employee #2 (60600): Notice that we had to perform two separate modify() operations in order to update the salary and tier data.