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27-Oct-2017 17:51

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Mine development has continued with a view to further increasing annual production by 2018.

Future electricity demand will depend to some extent on the country’s role from 2019 in the Eurasian Economic Community energy market.

The first JV with Atomstroyexport is JV Atomniye Stantsii for development and marketing of innovative small and medium-sized reactors, starting with OKBM's VBER-300 as baseline for Kazakh units.

Russia's Atomstroyexport expected to build the initial one.

Of its 17 mine projects, five are wholly owned by Kazatomprom and 12 are joint ventures with foreign equity holders, and some of these are producing under nominal capacity.

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In 2016, 12,986 t U was attributable to Kazatomprom itself – 21% of world production, putting it ahead of Cameco, followed by Areva and ARMZ-Uranium One.

Under this, and following JV development at Angarsk, Kazatomprom bought a 25% share of Russia's Novouralsk enrichment plant in 2013.

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