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Author has set the goal to develop the system for social network monitoring and analysis.This system presents a recommendation system based on links analysis.In 2006 Jack Dorsey launched Twitter [14], which became a fast-growing social networking service.Finally, history comes to the creation of two major Russian social networking services - Vkontakte [15] and Odnoklassniki [16] in 2006.An overview existing methods and ways of links analysis A research possible scientific value of work based on current state of business in this area A development of general algorithms Software tools selection Algorithm's implementation using existing tools Solution testing and practical applicability demonstration a Small World - private social network with invitation required Facebook - world famous social network developed by Mark Zuckerberg and team.Piczo - a social networking and blogging website for teen Dogster - a social network service for dog-lovers.The opportunities of the system are much defined by the variety of the data used and by the processing mode. Which support real-time monitoring, are harder to implement, than the systems, which use retrospective data collection. First of all, it is the calculation of basic indicators, which allow to answer simple quantitative questions like how many messages has the user A posted.Then the detection of statistical and structural patterns in data gives an understanding of social network type.

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Methodological Variety includes the existing ways for similar problem solving and their consideration.Homophily, Propinquity and transitiveness mean strong ties, while bridges mean weak ties. Segmentation metrics display characteristics of a social graph, divided into distinctive segments: a.Cliques - group in which all users have direct links (all nodes of the graph are interconnected) [23] b.A path between two users through a user, who is bridge, will be a shortest path. Centrality is a degree, which represents the importance and the effect of separate user (or users cluster) inside of the graph. Density is a percentage the proportion of direct links in network in relation to the total number of possible links. Distance - a minimum number of links required to set a connection between two separate users. Structural holes - the absence of connection between two parts of social network f.