Validating an environmental scan

18-Jun-2017 10:33

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SQL Regular Expression support has been updated to support key Perl conventions used in the Life Science community.This release also supports the latest version of Unicode 4.0.Multilingual Unicode data can now be added without restrictions such as having to provide hex Unicode values.The support for this feature is available in SQL, PL/SQL, OCI, and JDBC.This allows applications to be compiled for multiple versions of the Oracle client from a single source code environment.This leads to easier development of products with customizations based on versions.Support for some remaining data types that CSSCAN does not handle has been added.

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This feature improves JDBC support for caching XAConnections on Oracle XAData Sources.

Identification of potential problems when migrating to another database character set has also been enhanced.

The Character Set Scanner (CSSCAN) now offers selective scanning and provides support for new data types.

The Language and Character Set Scanner (LCSSCAN) has improved detection quality of shorter text strings and now supports HTML files.

This feature supports SQL string literal INSERT and UPDATE operations on NCHAR without data loss regardless of what the database character set happens to be.This feature prevents data loss when performing INSERT and UPDATE operations on NCHAR.Globalization Development Kit (GDK) has added new locales and common locale mapping information into the GDK for the PL/SQL package.The Instant Client SDK packages the OCI/OCCI header files necessary for developing Oracle client applications outside of an Oracle installation.