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I am tasked with implementing a application that was writen vb6 then converted to into a new website my team is developing. Open web page in IE and populate fields on the form from my web form To the dot net Knights. We have an vb application that opens multiple instances of IE object, each to different web pages.The idea is to put each of the 3 different forms in this application of 3 different pages. It then takes information from the current record in the app, populates fields on each of the web pages, and them submits the forms.In this code, the confirmation box is display; if the user selects "Yes", the previous time value is set to contain the value contained in the date time picker; if the user selects "No", the date time picker value is returned to previous value using the copy contained in the previous time variable.If the developer opts to perform the confirmation task in the date time picker's value changed event handler, the user will presented with two confirmation boxes each time the value is changed and then restored to its previous value.if the user enter 03/02/2005 how can yooou tell that it is March or Feb!!! 1 in that case either use drop down list for the days willbe integers and string for the months or use the calender coontrol to be in the safe side pthejr wise it will be exprected to have errors in data !!

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The Microsoft validators do not have any smart enabling features.If there is ...validation of form field before submitting the form Hi, I am designing a workflow for which i have to do form field validation on click of submit button in request form, how this can be achieved in user app 3.7. Validate date field, and time field I've got a form with 2 textboxes 1 for a date, the validator needs to check if he has this kind of imput: dd-MM-yyyy1 for the time, this one needs to check if he has this kind of imput: MM: HH But how can i do that?You can either write a custom validator or you can use the Ajax Control Toolkit Masked Edit control: Control Toolkit/Samples/Masked Edit/Masked I just used them in my last project and they did the job they needed to. So I added the Due Date field in the form and changed the stored procedure and the corresponding code in I am getting the following error message: @poduedate is not a parameter for procedure prr_out_projsearch_update1.In fact, some browsers draw the calendar too wide for the window. It's very easy for the user to move the main window over the calendar window, losing it. My Peter's Date Package, Basic Date Picker (including a free Lite version), and others are available.