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Stream Licensing™ retains the right to reject or cancel an affiliate at our discretion.

Should you program explicit programming (programming not generally considered family-safe) your website must so state, and you must check the Explicit checkbox in our Station setup window.

This section will cover: I hope you will join my online community so you can receive not only my regular Soul Inspirations newsletter, which is full of inspirational and healing messages, but also get advance notice of special events and offers, as well as connecting with like-minded souls all over the world.

Easy English Introduction Stream Licensing™ exists to provide affordable royalty and performance fee licensing services for small to medium-sized Internet Broadcasters.

In any three-hour period, you should not intentionally program more than three songs (and not more than two songs in a row) from the same recording; you should not intentionally program more than four songs (and not more than three songs in a row) from the same recording artist or anthology/box set.

You may not publish any advance program guides or use a chat/discussion function or any other means to pre-announce when a particular song will be played or the order in which songs will be played.

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To keep fees down for those who do file their reports by the deadline, Stream Licensing™ will charge you an additional processing fee which will be the greater of: .00 or 20% of the resulting plan's Revenue license level.We pledge to serve broadcasters, composers, and artists with uncompromising integrity and value by operating with the highest level of excellence. However, because Copyright, Royalty and Performance Fee Laws come with stringent and complex legal parameters we do offer our licensing service subject to the formal Terms Of Service below.Before you go there, however, here are some important, basic, plain-English operating parameters (and please note these are not our arbitrary rules, these policies are developed to meet the varied requirements of the various licensing entities as well as applicable copyright law): You agree to enter your Shoutcast and KH-Icecast stream parameters in our monitoring system so we can pull the needed data for license-entity, mandated reporting.The fees we pay the licensing agencies are based on a combination of factors including, but not limited to, your ATH, Sessions, and Revenues.