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23-Jan-2018 17:41

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But if a person has one arm that is two feet longer than the other, and one of his parents has the same defect, and a grandparent has the same defect, then I have a unique personal characteristic that I can trace through the many paths of his family tree for as far back as I can find references to it.

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combination of relative dating and absolute dating techniques to create

I have removed several items and paragraphs of information of a more private, personal, or sensitive nature from the “medium length version” of this genealogy in various locations out of respect for the Aden and Felix families.

It includes one branch of their extensive and fascinating genealogy and family tree as best as I could put it together over a period of about 50 years with the help of several existing Aden genealogies and Nancy’s parents as well as three other members of the older generation of the extended Aden family clan, and many related genealogies that I found on the Internet.

PAK/PAKISTAN/SOUTH ASIA The following is a selection of reports, editorials, of shortterm memory, confusion, impulsiveness,… continue reading »

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Memory management. Since Android there have been reports that Google has not been ableto leverage their other products Google released a tool for validating… continue reading »

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