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When our research is over, we would like to be able to conclude that we did a credible job of operationalizing our constructs -- we can assess the construct validity of this conclusion.We are likely to make some claims that our research findings have implications for other groups and individuals in other settings and at other times.When we conduct research, we are continually flitting back and forth between these two realms, between what we think about the world and what is going on in it.When we are investigating a cause-effect relationship, we have a theory (implicit or otherwise) of what the cause is ().In simpler terms, did we implement the program we intended to implement and did we measure the outcome we wanted to measure?In yet other terms, did we operationalize well the ideas of the cause and the effect?Imagine that we wish to examine whether use of a World Wide Web (WWW) Virtual Classroom improves student understanding of course material.

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Now, instead of it only being an idea in our minds, it becomes a public entity that anyone can look at and examine for themselves.

For instance, if we are testing a new educational program, we have an idea of what it would look like ideally.