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He's passionate about working as IT recruiter and we decided to take advantage of his experience to ask him some questions about IT recruitment and how the Barcelona scene has been changing.Melisa moved from Portugal to Barcelona and joined one of the biggest European e-commerce companies as an UX Designer.

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Read his story and his tips on life in the UK here: Barcelona’s recruitment scene has been changing a lot in the last years and various entrepreneurs who work in Barcelona (among them Nederlia's founder Claude Loeffen) were invited to discuss various topics connected to the city, recruitment and jobs...

Perception of the identity of the person depicted in the photo and in the portrait of the face Experimental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Psychology of Professional Activity, Theory and Methodology Samoylenko E.

Modern ideas about types of knowledge and experience in psychological research of the problem of their capitalization Experimental Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics, Theory and Methodology Khoze Y.

Having worked with Elvira, Product Owner Global Recruitment at, for couple of years now we have decided to take this opportunity to sit down and talk about everything you wanted to know about, recruiting international talent and why to relocate to Amsterdam. Nederlia, partner of Vibrant Talent Development is organising the First Tech Recruitment Bootcamp in Barcelona to help you solve your problem.

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Click for more info: Nederlia is a company that helps IT experts from around the globe move to different countries, so it was fitting that I joined - I think I've become an expert in the field of moving to a new country.

Motivational Structure of Character Behavior (Perception of Fictional Character Behavior Motivation.

Together with the technique of This research is carried out by experimentalpsychologists and reported in psychology journals The biomedical model today… continue reading »

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Nederlia's blog is your guide to IT & tech recruitment, besides validating what you have the right technique to source a developer with the desired skill… continue reading »

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Complete Revision notes for the A-level 'Issues and Debates in Psychology' section on the paper 3 exam. Print them off for your reference.… continue reading »

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Validating Personality Traits Key Terms. represents the state-of-the-art technique for assessing latent. psychology and consists of thinking about one’s own.… continue reading »

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Role Of Brand Loyalty And Its Factors Marketing Essay. Umar Iqbal Convenience samplingtechnique was used to "Developing and validating a multidimensional… continue reading »

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