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20-Oct-2017 17:35

This tutorial covers the key differences between IIS and the ASP. Because of these differences there are scenarios where code that runs flawlessly in the development environment throws an exception or behaves differently when executed in production.

Whenever the web server software handles an incoming request it associates that request with a particular security context.

This tutorial explores some of the more germane differences. NET application his browser sends a request to the website.

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If, however, your web host provider prohibits write access for the anonymous account then an file. Requests for static content - images, CSS files, Java Script files, PDF files, ZIP files, and the like - are retrieved by IIS without the involvement of the ASP. (It is possible to instruct IIS to work with the ASP.Unless the web application has been configured to use IIS, the ASP.NET Development Server is automatically started and used as the web server the first time you visit a web page from within Visual Studio.If you download the demo application you'll see that I created a folder called Using the ASP.

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