Validating train tickets in italy

08-Jan-2018 22:34

There are some references to €9 fares in the TA forums.

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The Italo Treno website (for NTV trains) is user-friendly and gets few complaints on TA forums.

These trains reach speeds up to 300 km/h and do not make many, if any, intermediate stops.

Trenitalia names its high-speed trains frecce ("arrow"): Frecciarossa and Frecciargento.

Pay attention to the cancellation and change terms for the tickets before purchasing.

Only a finite number of sale-fare seats are set aside, and as these get booked up the price goes up.For popular routes and times, the cheapest tickets can sell out in the matter of days, even hours.Schedules and tickets are released 120 in advance with the major exception of a twice-yearly schedule change, early in June and December: Italy's rail system is slow to release the schedules and it may seriously shorten the advance purchase window.The differences between these are minor and simply connote the different trains for different lines. Reservations are required for all high-speed trains, including for rail-pass holders (see below). (See Booking Online, below) connect provincial cities and smaller towns to the major cities and have more intermediate stops.