Validating train tickets in italy

08-Jan-2018 22:34

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NTV is a recent private competitor offering service on two high speed lines (Venice-Florence-Rome, Turin-Milan-Florence- Rome-Naples-Salerno, and now Ancona-Rimini-Bologna-Milan).

For example, the train from Florence to Rome takes 1 hour 30 minutes.

It helps to know some basic Italian phrases that will help you buy a ticket, but the Italian ticket machines and signs are fairly easy for English travelers to navigate.

In fact, there is no price or convenience advantage to advance purchase (in any case, available online only up to 7 days before date of travel).

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Rail pass users can ride these trains without supplemental charges.

The differences between these are minor and simply connote the different trains for different lines. Reservations are required for all high-speed trains, including for rail-pass holders (see below). (See Booking Online, below) connect provincial cities and smaller towns to the major cities and have more intermediate stops.