Validating windows media player 11

18-Feb-2017 08:58

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Extract this file using one of the 7-Zip apps mentioned above.

Plug the USB drive into a port and format it as FAT32.

Download: SD Card Formatter for Windows (Free) or for Mac (Free)For Linux users, we recommend the GParted app.

If you’re comfortable with the shell / Terminal commands, use our guide on formatting external storage on Linux There are plenty of software tools to install images to external drives, but we reckon Etcher is the best of them.

You will also have an unzipped image file of the latest Chromium OS (as shown in steps one and two).

And you have Etcher installed on your computer (as shown in step four). Once Etcher finishes, this will be a bootable USB drive with Chromium OS.“Boot” is the process of choosing the OS.

For a Mac: As soon the Mac shuts down and restarts, press and hold the Option key.

You will be doing this while it’s a black screen, but that’s okay.

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In fact, all you need is a working computer and a USB Drive.

once it’s done creating the image on the USB drive, it will verify that everything is right.