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Howard said you have to train first and then pick one out. Howard asked why he wouldn't have a shotgun because you're less likely to miss. He said maybe a Glock if you're going to get a hand gun. Jorge said that George Takei is wrong about his pronunciation of Aqua. He said they could have killed that prick early on.

He said he doesn't own one but that would be his strategy. He said call the NRA because they'll give a recommendation. Howard said he's a defender of the second amendment. Howard said no one in Germany had a gun in World War II.

am Show opening bits and songs included: A Baba Booey song parody, Ben Stern ''Proper Modulation'' song parody, Katy Perry performing ''I Kissed a Girl'' in the Howard Stern Show studio. Howard said it would have to be the right situation. Robin said it was nice hearing him being so frank and honest. Howard took a call from a guy who asked if he was a fan of WKRP in Cincinnati. The caller asked if he could make a movie about that. He said it was the best movie about radio ever made. Howard said he was almost Miles August on the radio. He said he went online and tried to find him but there's very little about him out there. The two of them went at each other for a short time before Angry Political Guy hung up. Howard asked why these guys are defending these people who harass women. Howard said he's not sure where these guys get the idea that showing their penis to people is going to turn them on. Howard said even in a bar whipping out your junk isn't going to get you anywhere. Howard took a call from a woman who said that this is more of a power play than anything. Robin said that they don't even have light over there right now. Howard took a call from Mariann who said she saw Beth on Megyn Kelly's show. He said he made it to the third episode of season 2 and he's bored. He said the second season is better than the first. Robin said please stop putting spoilers in the news for people who are watching at different times. Robin said she just found out something that she didn't want to know. Robin said it's FOX Business Network or something that spiled it. The caller, Jorge, said that this hurricane really fucked them down the middle of the ''ass chreeks.'' Jorge said he bought his first gun and he wanted to get Howard's opinion on guns. Howard said this guy asking about the gun doesn't even know how to shoot it. Howard asked if anyone wants to hear Mariann from Brooklyn yell before he moves on. He said they shoot it great and it's great being back in time. Howard said if he tells you something is good that's it. Howard said he hates that people have nothing to do. Robin said she thought they were making a comeback. Howard said he just saw that Ronnie had a birthday on Saturday. Howard said the big hit song in 1949 was ''Hop Scotch Polka'' by Guy Lombardo. Howard said the Israelis have a great army now and they could have if they had guns. Howard played that and then another clip where a guy prank called a show live on the air and got in a Baba Booey and Howard Stern's penis.

Fred had Ronnie yelling out 69 and then changed it to 68. He said he's the oldest head of security in the world. He said he would have been ripped and you get to hang out with hot chicks. Howard took a call from a guy who said that he's out of his mind thinking that having guns would have changed World War II. He said that it's anti-Semitic saying that they could have done something. Howard said that some guys from Solar Roast coffee were doing an interview and got out a Baba Booey mention during their appearance on the news. Howard said they had a sports anchor give a Baba Booey while playing some college softball highlights. Howard played a clip during a news report about President Trump where someone got in a Baba Booey.

Howard said the hottest Christmas gift back then was chattering teeth. They were looking for a balloon with the number 68 on it. Howard took a call from a guy who said Robin was talking about that reveal party and he saw one of them a few months ago. Fred said he's not sure but he had a lot of things he had to get straight in his life and he didn't want to bring a woman into that. Howard said he's not a big fan of the Howard Stern's penis thing but he does love it when it stops a whole show. Howard took a call from a guy who asked what he thinks about Kevin Spacey and about President Bush's ass grabbing. He said that Annabella Sciorra is claiming that Harvey raped her. He said the whole thing sounds horrible for both of them.

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