Vodafone blackberry validating account

22-Jun-2017 07:33

We have blackberry phones and need to connect them to our Microsoft Small Business server 2008 exchange server.

We can login with a valid certificate using OWA from the internet no problem.

(this of course works on the assumption that you don't send emails to yourself normally, and if you do you will have to set a different rule up, perhaps identifying via Email Headers).

I've seen a couple of providers weirdly encode the From: address so a rule may not work.

This email is the sorted into the Sent Items folder using a server side rule.

The steps to attain this are thus:- To find your PIN & IMEI perform one of the following actions: There are two methods.

If you skipped content transfer during the Setup Wizard you still transfer data from your previous device to your PRIV at any point afterwards using the steps below.

Depending on which platform your previous device used, the content transfer app may not be able to transfer all of your data.

After completing the Setup Wizard you will be shown your home screen.

Emails sent from the Blackberry are stored in the users Sent Items folder in Exchange and all without having to set up a Blackberry Enterprise Exchange Server and without having to start up and open POP3 on your Exchange server.

PRIV combines everything you’ve come to expect from Black Berry with the full ecosystem of Android and its apps.

What this method does in a nutshell - when an email is received, it is forwarded immediately to a mobile providers blackberry address.

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When a new mail or reply is sent from the Blackberry, it is sent masquerading as the Exchange email, and a copy is BCC'ed to the Exchange email address.

Most individuals that use their Blackberry in a small businesses environment would not buy Blackberry Enterprise Server for Exchange as it is simply too expensive and quite pointless for one or two users.

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